I know what you’re thinking: “sure that sounds good in theory, but how am I supposed to do that?”

I feel you. Between my full-time job as literacy tutor/multiple side gigs, volunteering for numerous writing- and educated-centered nonprofits, (trying) to take care of my health, and have a semblance of a social life, my writing practice always took a back seat.

I called myself a writer, but I didn’t actually write much. For years, I let other projects and responsibilities sap away at my energy until there was nothing left for what really mattered.

It seemed too simple to be a solution, but I decided to try it anyway: I sat. I wrote.

Five minutes here, five minutes there, and—as if I had received the blessing of a writing god—projects that had been mere dreams suddenly developed substance.

Once I’d started investing just five minutes in my practice a day, it became easier to find a little more. I missed TV less. I opened a book to read for the first time in months. Shockingly, I found by just investing those five minutes in myself and my own innate ability to create, everything in my life became more centered. I became a better teacher, friend, partner—and definitely better writer—because I found a mantra to live by: show up. sit. write.

We all have an inborn desire to create, but many of us live lives where we don’t get to tap into it much. Our creativity doesn’t always look like

I started Sit. Write. because I want to share what I’ve learned with you as a fellow writer, and as a teacher in the K-College classroom.

Sit. Write. contains all that you need to start your writing practice: writing prompts, craft essays, and, for you intrepid teachers out there, lesson plans to take the action to the classroom.


But who am I?

I’m Skylar, a writer, graphic designer, and teacher living in Iowa City, Iowa.

I struggle with balancing a full life and managing my disability.