Hello! I'm Skylar. 

If you're only going to walk away from this website having learned only three things about me, let them be my three superpowers:

1. I am a born-and-raised Midwesterner, which ultimately means two things: one, I have a Midwestern work ethic—self-motivating, self-monitoring, and capable of performing under pressure; and two, I am Iowa Nice—cordial, caring, and like many other people from my home state, excellent at deescalating and resolving conflict.

2. I am a lifelong learner. Since graduating college in 2015, I have taken a plethora of classes both online and in person on subjects as diverse from each other as graphic design and international travel safety. I see gaps in my knowledge as challenges that I am excited to conquer, and I pride myself on being a Rolodex of trivia. I immerse myself in my studies completely and walk away with a knowledge base that translates to results. 

3. I am a fainting goat. I am diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic disorder that affects all of the connective tissues in my body, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a condition that when left untreated caused me to faint several times a day. Effectively managing my health (and my time) has allowed me to lead a relatively asymptomatic, productive life. Living with a disability has helped me understand how many projects I can handle at once without my quality of life—and the quality of my work—being diminished; rather than viewing my disability as a drag on my life (my kryptonite, if you would), I have turned it into the wellspring of my strength.

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q & a



A: I am passionate about education, youth empowerment, the applications/ramifications of social entrepreneurship in the global marketplace, carbon footprint minimization/reducing waste, space time and its effects on the human experience, art and writing as tools of cultural diplomacy, the power of story in healing from trauma, the history of the English language/the role of language in understanding the world, fostering empathy across diverse populations, just to name a few!

Hobby wise, I like to cook, travel, write, shoot archery, and catch an MMA fight when I can.


Q: next steps?

A: After a summer packed full of design work and teaching appointments, I am looking forward to taking the fall to prepare for my next adventure: moving abroad! I am relocating to Yeosu, South Korea in November 2018 to teach English. While in Yeosu, I will also be working with my publisher to get my first poetry collection, Kintsugi, ready for publication, pursuing CELTA certification so that I can teach ESL elsewhere, and buckling down on some new, very exciting creative and business projects.


Q: am I looking for Work?

A. Right now, I am currently in the market to teach ESL in Yeosu, South Korea. If you think I would be a good match for your school of Hagwon, or are interested in getting private lessons for your child, send me an email.

Beyond that, I am hoping to get part-time remote work working for a design agency. If you think I'd be a good candidate for your agency, reach out.

Whether in the US or abroad, I am always a freelance designer open for business. If, after browsing my portfolio and pricing options, you believe I would be a great designer for your project, start a conversation. I respond quickly to queries via email.