The Power of marketing-informed designs

These three posters were designed for the Midwest Writing Center (Rock Island, IL) to advertise their annual writing conference. 

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Conference Advertisement

This poster was designed to entice local writers to enroll in the DRC Writers' Conference; its copy is specifically written in an active voice to entice enrollment, promote attendance, and a wide participation in available activities.

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Keynote Event Ad

Stylistically set apart from the others, this poster's background features a litany of stills from the Motion Poems themselves. Like all posters in the series, it doubles as advertising for the DRCWC with a clear call to action: register, register, register. 

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Conference reading ad

While visually quite similar to the general conference advertisement, the copy here is tailored to enticing event participation. 

For this particular campaign, I also wrote a number of press releases. We started with a general public awareness approach, but as we grew closer and closer to the conference the press releases became more focused; the announcement gave way to another focused on the workshops offered at the conference to entice registration. As we drew closer to the conference, I centered one press release around the faculty reading and open mic, using this as opportunity to spotlight the conference's faculty; another press release advertised the conference's keynote event, while also highlighting the other free events associated with the conference.  

Laced throughout all the press releases was a call to action--we wanted people to not only attend these events, but to register for the conference as well. 

Skylar was excellent to work with... etc etc etc
— Ryan Collins, Director of the Midwest Writing Center

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