The Design Process

Step One: First Contact

After filling out my handy form, I’ll follow up with an email to set up time for us to chat about your project. Once we’ve settled on a time, I will give you your homework. Typical homework includes preparing a brief to let me know more about you and your project, as well as any inspiring images/websites/books and colors that we can draw from for your project. You will share this with me during out meeting.

Step Two: Meet & Greet

After arranging a time, we’ll meet in person (if you’re local) or over Skype (if you’re not) to discuss your needs and vision for the project. We’ll talk particulars, visuals, and timeline. This process helps me get to know you and your business/project goals and figure out how we, as a team, can make the best product possible. If we come to an agreement, we will move forward with the rest of our onboarding process.

I’ll always be available during email to answer any questions or concerns that pop up following this initial meeting.

Step Three: Contract & FIRST PAYMENT

Once we’ve ironed out the details, I’ll follow up with a contract that outlines our agreed timeline, deliverables, and payment, as well as your first invoice.

Typically, I ask for half of a project’s payment at the start of the project, and half of the project’s payment at its end.

Once I have the signed contract from you and your first payment, I’ll begin working on your project.

STEP FOUR: preview & Review

I will pass along a draft for you to review by our agreed preview & review deadline.

If you’ve contracted a book, this step will involve a round of proofreading changes before a final draft is sent. Typically, I will pass along cover options to get you jazzed about your book before the interior. Each contracted book will include three basic cover options with a few color treatments. If none of these work for you, we’ll continue to tinker until we come to something we’re both happy with, guaranteed.

Interior will be passed along and reviewed by you. Any interior layout changes will be reviewed and discussed/implemented. One round of changes is included in the base cost, but additional tinkering/mass changes after the review/preview deadline will cost extra.

If you’ve contracted a website, I will send you a preview of the basic layout as well as a page or two so that you can get a sense of the design. Any changes you want to make to the design will be submitted by the first preview/review deadline, after which I will move on with finalizing your project.

A complete website draft will be passed along by the second preview/review deadline.

If you’ve contracted marketing materials, this round of previewing will be your chance to be sure I’ve hit the most important selling points on your project, that the information I’ve included is factual and accurate, and that what I’ve made goes along with your vision of your brand.

Typically, I provide one basic design with a few color treatments, and generally you’ll choose from one of the color options. If the first design misses the mark, we’ll discuss why and head back to the drawing board for a second. Any further design changes may result in a delayed timeline.

Step Five: Delivery

Regardless of what you’ve contracted, a final version of your project will be passed along by the delivery deadline. What your delivery will include will be different depending on which project plan you’ve selected.

Following delivery, you will have a 24 hour grace period to make last minute changes (superficial in nature, such as a stray typo). I will deliver these changes within 24 hours of receiving them.

For books, if you find design issues with your print proof, I will attend to those issues as best I can free of charge.


Final payment is due within 30 days of delivered project.

Are you a nonprofit? Ask about my Special nonprofit discount.