Web Banner Medley

Client: Iowa Writers' House

Purpose: Encourage web viewers to attend Iowa Writers' House events.

Web banner advertising a Halloween social event in partner with NaNoWriMo.

Web banner advertising seasonal Writer's Social.  

Client: International Writing Program

Facebook banner designed to build buzz for the launch of Narrative Witness online publication.

Client: Iowa Youth Writing Project

Facebook event banner designed to encourage IYWP volunteers to attend workshop.  

Facebook event banner encouraging both writers and Mission Creek attendees to attend a workshop-reading hybrid.  

Facebook banner advertising the Junior High Writing Jam for the IYWP main Facebook page.  

IYWP | Chapbook Series: Lemme Elementary

Client: Iowa Youth Writing Project

Purpose: anthologize youth writing produced at various IYWP programming sites in the Fall of 2015

Special Concerns: Lemme's anthology is bilingual; it was crucial to not privilege one language over the other and give each equal stage.  




Table of contents


Section heading

Sample interior page

Section heading

Sample interior page

IWP | IWP Collections

Client: International Writing Program

Purpose: Develop website capable of hosting several IWP "showcases" at once, including the launching showcase, Narrative Witness.

Splash page

Sample header page.  The header image changes to code where the writer is located; this particular writer was from Venezuela.  

Several pieces in the collection are bilingual; it was very important to the client represent both the source language and the bridging language of participants shared equal stage.  

Photo essays were coded slightly differently; the header image comes from the actual essay.  

A sample of how pieces are coded when in English only.  

Photo essays appear in large thumbnails, but blow up to full-screen images with telling captions; in many of the photo essays, the captions are also bilingual.