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Bio bio bio bio include nonprofit management, graphic design, education, and literacy. Bio bio bio bio include nonprofit management, graphic design, education, and literacy. Bio bio bio bio include nonprofit management, graphic design, education, and literacy. Bio bio bio bio include nonprofit management, graphic design, education, and literacy.


Midwest Writing Center

Rock Island, IL


  • Assistant Director; Young Emerging Writer’s Program (June 2012 – Present)

    • Co-instructed participants in the Young Emerging Writers Program, an eight-week long internship program for high school students. Through creative writing exercises and workshops, curriculum focused on elevating marginalized voices, engaging with world problems, and empowering young voices through public speaking and performance, as well as editorial process, book design, and publication production; designed, edited, and managed production of the program’s annual literary magazine, The Atlas, since 2012.

    • Led students (ages 11-14) in creative writing exercises and performance workshops during annual week-long YEW Summer Camp, working with both students and other instructors to generate, edit, and publish a professionally-designed saddle-stapled anthology of students’ work in just one week

  • Marketing Assistant (August 2017 – April 2018)

    • Designed print and digital marketing materials for MWC events and outreach campaigns; listed events in numerous community calendars; redesigned and developed newsletters in Mailchimp; redesigned and updated website via Wordpress; wrote and scheduled posts to social media channels

  • Intern; Young Emerging Writers Program (June 2010 – August 2011)

    • Utilizing prompts and a workshop atmosphere, collaborated with other writers to produce content for The Atlas; edited and formatted work for publication; participated heavily in event advertising, including radio spots and designing promotional material; received the first ever Tim Curry Award for Outstanding Intern

Iowa Reading Corps

Iowa City, IA


  • Literacy Tutor (October 2018 - Present)

    • Tutored 15 K-3 students in reading strategies in daily 20-minute increments, successfully raising the scores of all students; coordinated with school staff to customize teaching style to each students’ IBP; utilized PBIS program and other incentives to keep students positive, engaged, and successful; assessed students’ performance, keeping detailed records of progress in online database; utilized Fast Bridge to access primary instructor’s progress monitoring data for students

    • Developed lesson plans that developed language skills through reading, writing, and storytelling; led and assisted other instructors in after-school writing programs at Horace Mann Elementary, West High School, and Fifth Ward Saints North Community Center; encouraged students of all proficiencies to persevere through challenging tasks and bolstered their self-esteem

Iowa Youth Writing Project

Iowa City, IA


  • Chair; Community Advisory Council (January 2018 – November 2018)

    • Coordinated and led monthly council meetings, scheduling meeting times up to a year in advance; kept record of council minutes; assembled and distributed agenda at each meeting, working closely with key players to develop agenda items; attended weekly “core team” meetings to keep abreast on day-to-day organizational progress and needs

    • Finalized participant and volunteer surveys as part of “performance management system” project and will be overseeing implementation of data-collection pilot program throughout spring 2018

  • Vice Chair; Community Advisory Council (January 2016 – December 2017)

    • Assisted in developing, editing, and tracking the progress of the IYWP’s first strategic plan; helped refine board policy and procedure; spearheaded an organizational health and performance audit, identifying points of inefficiency and potential avenues for growth; maintained donor relationships via handwritten letters, but also streamlined the donor appreciation process with the development of a donor gift program; designed promotional materials, developed online auction website, and led a performance workshop for Art Sparks, an ekphrasis-driven art auction fundraiser in 2016

    • Devised a “performance management system” that tracks nearly 500 qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators, which together monitor team capacity, financial stability/sustainability, program performance, and organizational health; developed preliminary evaluation tools and techniques to track success of new and refine current ventures

  • Design Chair; Optics Squad (February 2015 – May 2016)

    • Designed and managed production of IYWP biannual Writing Club Anthologies, developing submission guidelines, production timelines, and eventually templates when handed off to new designers 

  • Site Coordinator (August 2014 – May 2016)

    • Developed weekly lesson plans and writing prompts for elementary students enrolled in Johnson STEAM Academy’s after school writing club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    • Coordinated transportation and teaching schedule of fellow volunteers as well as oversaw publication of biannual Johnson STEAM Academy’s writing club anthology

International Writing Program

Iowa City, IA


  • Fall Residency Driver (August 2018 - November 2018)

    • Transported writers from 28 different countries throughout Iowa during the International Writing Program's Fall Residency, driving to and from the airport and to and from various events; provided writers with information about Iowa City's history and writing landscape, connecting them to local opportunities when appropriate

  • Office Assistant; Distance Learning Program (August 2014 - May 2015)

    • Created “Collections from the IWP,” a gallery website designed to display creative writing and photo essays created during IWP programming in a mobile-friendly format (; created a closed website capable of operating several private writing courses and exchanges simultaneously

    • Designed promotional materials for distance learning programs including social media and print campaigns; researched and developed presentations on digital publication platforms/web accessibility to help further IWP’s mission and more effectively accomplish State Department cultural diplomacy goals

Iowa Writers’ House

Iowa City, IA


  • Designer (January 2015 - March 2016)

    • Designed web and print promotional materials for Iowa Writers’ House events, public awareness campaigns, and year-end fundraisers; assisted in maintaining and developing content for website

    • Solicited and curated a set of Iowa poets for "Empowered Adversity," a collaborative event with The Mindset Movement, at the Englert Theater in March of 2016

University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA


  • Teaching Assistant; “Publicly Engaged Writing: Building Community with the IYWP” (August 2014 - December 2014)

    • As one of six students enrolled in Peer Mentoring, an undergraduate course at the University of Iowa, worked as an assistant to and job shadowed the primary instructor for a semester, facilitating class discussion and reviewing assignments; role-played teaching situations with instructor and students; taught publication fundamentals, overseeing the production of writing anthologies of each student group’s volunteer site; led class in assembly of approximately 150-200 saddle-stapled anthologies

The Iowa Review

Iowa City, IA


  • Poetry Reader (August 2014 - December 2014)

    • Read approximately 50 poems a week for The Iowa Review's fall 2015 issue via Submittable; attended weekly editorial meetings with the rest of the TIR's poetry staff

Earthwords: The Undergraduate Literary Review

Iowa City, IA


  • Editor in Chief (January 2014 - May 2014)

    • Created Earthwords’ first ever strategic plan, marketing plan, operations plan, evaluation plan, financial plan, and branding guide, as well as supervised the print production of Earthwords’ 34th issue; managed a staff of 20 editors, who together developed numerous community outreach events and literary readings; successfully fundraised over $1000 for publication, programming, and a trip to AWP in Minneapolis for editorial staff

  • Poetry Editor (August 2013 - December 2013)

    • Read approximately 20 poems a week for Earthwords' 34th issue via Submittable; attended weekly editorial meetings with the rest of staff, as well as participated in the organization of various events including undergraduate open mics, curated readings, themed readings, and a literary death match against sister magazine, Ink Lit Mag

  • Public Relations Coordinator (August 2012 - May 2013)

    • Advertised Earthwords' submission deadline, book drop, and various community events organized by Earthwords staff; attended weekly editorial meetings with the rest of staff


  • ESL Tutor (June 2016 - August 2016)

    • Tutored a refugee in ESL for preparation for TOEFL exam; utilized grammar drills, essay prompts, sentence strategy, and weekly practice exams; tutoring successfully raised student’s score high enough to be accepted into a graduate program

  • ESL Editor (May 2015 - Present on Ad-Hoc Basis)

    • Edited first generation college, immigrant, and foreign exchange students’ academic papers, statements of purpose, resumes, and CVs for research fellowships, academic internships, and other employment opportunities to help further their study/stay in the United States


University of Iowa

Bachelor of Arts in English (May 2015)

Certificates in Writing & Entrepreneurial Management (May 2015)

Conferences Attended

Iowa Arts Summit (August 2015)

AWP (April 2015)

David R. Collins Writing Conference (2011-2018)